miracles of miracles

I have survived Mr FD’s wisdom teeth removal! His fate is still undecided.

The procedure seems to have gone well, though the anaesthetist informed Mr FD post surgery that they had trouble placing some tube down his throat, and that he would be writing a letter for Mr FD to hand to any future anaesthetist. All very odd as this is not the first surgery Mr FD has endured, but the first such comment. Mr FD does have a scrap and a stitch inside his cheek and we will be asking questions on his follow up visit, but that mystery aside he is progressing well. Miserably uncomfortable, but irritating enough.

The sight of my husband of 37 years drinking his tea from our granddaughter’s sippy cup due to swollen lips the first night was a little worrying I must say. It was too vivid a reminder of what may lay ahead – I have already acknowledged that he will be a burden and pain in the royal derrière when he ages a little more, I didn’t need the message driven into my brain with a pile driver!

The other lingering image is of Mr FD lying back in his favourite chair with ice packs swaddling his face, but as he had pulled off the ice pack ribbons to tie them around his head, he was using his CPAP mask and straps to hold them into position. Necessity and invention I guess!

Oh and this was the lovely brunch I enjoyed while Mr FD was in surgery…



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