everything old is new again

In this high tech world of creativity and innovation where we all worry and bother about the use of technology and try to be gleaming examples of it in the workplace, a lesson was driven home to me this week. sometimes new technology is not what is needed, and that in fact it should all be driven by task and need.

The most exciting item of interest in our library this week was this –


Yes, a blackboard. Not one teacher walked by without commenting on the “great idea” and the benefits of something so simple. I had purchased the blackboard to write motivational quotes and share information. In this instance it was to inform the seniors where their study rooms were during exam period. We have a big rolling electronic notice board screen above but that takes too much time and effort, with the blackboard they can view from outside the library doors instantly and be on their way. S-I-M-P-L-E.

Minerva and I are in competition for best accompanying graphics as well…

12 thoughts on “everything old is new again

  1. looks fantastic!!!! We are working on information boards. everyone at the hospital wants electronic but I wonder if updating the electronic ones would be too much of a hassle…


    • We have constant issues updating our electronic one, especially if the key “updater” is absent. Often it is two or three days behind. It is a task that gets forgotten very easily too.


  2. My kids have gone electric with interactive white boards which are fantastic and really work well. ……. until they don’t. They kept a blackboard in reserve and sure enough when the binned it some of the boards ‘went down’ – made me laugh.
    I remember painting my blackboard each summer and then having to ‘chalk’ it all over to stop the chalk marks becoming permanent…..


  3. One of the schools I worked at spent several thousand dollars (earned by parents and students through a variety of fundraisers) on a digital message board, proudly displayed by the front entrance. The problem, as you mentioned, is that no one has figured out how to properly update the thing, so there are messages from April still on it. The other problem is that the students can’t see it, since they’re inside the school: so it falls once more upon the teachers to answer the same questions over and over again: “Where do we go for testing?” “When do we get lunch on Field Day?” “Do I have to pack a lunch when we go to the museum, or can I buy one there?” One teacher simply writes out the day’s schedule on the board in front of the classroom, with locations and needed materials duly noted. Hers was always the most organized of the classrooms I worked with.


    • We now have ediaries for the students, but the issue is teachers can’t see them, so we don’t know what they are being told! They are also too lazy to access on a laptop and they have yet linked to iPhones. Sanity needs to return to common sense and that we don’t need technology for everything.


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