day has dawned


Every school day I rise at 5am and I am on the road by 6.30, as I try to have the library open by 7.30. I don’t actually have to open until 8am, but the number of students dropped off by parents at 7am onwards concerns me, so I try to provide a safe place for them to wait for friends and teachers to arrive.

My reward is the freshness of a new day. This week I have been gifted by a sunrise in a pink sky, that was just breathtaking. This morning, the temperature dropped to minus 1 (my car temperature gauge, though I suspect it had been minus 3 earlier) and I drove through the Village and out through fields of frost covered fields, and mists rising from all the creeks that criss-cross the Village and the adjoining countryside. It was mystical and mythical, and if Arthur had walked from the mist carrying his sword it would have seemed oh so right.

I cleared all the notices off our new blackboard and wrote “Gone fishin’ ” before closing the library for the next two weeks.

It doesn’t get much better than this…


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