to laze, per chance to indulge

night wear

I have had a glass or two of wine and so am feeling the milk of human kindness at the moment. I do hope it wears off soon.

Lovely day with Daughter1 and Petite Fille visiting. A rather windy winter’s day and we lit the fire, so the house was so warm and cosy. Petite Fille showed off her growing vocabulary of “hat”, “car”, “Mummy” and sang ei, ei o, for me.

Tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing to do, and so have granted myself permission to stay in bed, or at least stay in my pyjamas all day, should I so wish.

Holidays, got to love them!

10 thoughts on “to laze, per chance to indulge

  1. My sister has something she calls pajama Sunday. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy it, whether or not you ever get dressed.


  2. A day in pajamas is very therapeutic, especially after a long school term. But I keep forgetting you’re just starting your winter while we in the Northern Hemisphere now mop our brows in the heat of the summer. I almost yearn for it to be cold enough to sit next to a fireplace with hot cocoa and a blanket. Almost.


    • We live in a subtropical area, so often “real winter” is only about two weeks! This last week or so the entire east coast of Australia has been in the grip of freezing temperatures, with lots of snow in the alpine areas (a very small area I have to admit!) It is actually fun in the way to have the chance to really enjoy a winter, and to have holidays at the same time is perfection!


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