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I have just arrived at the realisation that I am perhaps the only person in the world who  is totally glamorous sitting in bed wearing flannelette pyjamas topped by a head of extreme bed hair.

I read book 2 and 3 in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series over the weekend. Since becoming a Teacher Librarian I have developed quite a pleasure in reading YA fiction. YA fiction doesn’t have all the gratuitous language, violence and sex that adds nothing to the story in adult fiction. I love anything John Green writes, and enjoyed The Hunger Games series. Twilight had a hook, but was so poorly written that the editors should have been shot.

I diverge from Divergent. Miss Roth has a great hook, an interesting story line, but almost lost me with the numerous fight scenes in the first book. I suspect it was written with more than an eye on the making of a movie. Book 2 was more enjoyable in many ways, and the fight scenes had more action and dialogue between. She lost me on Book 3 as she changed the style and alternated chapters between the  two central characters. AND HERE IS A STORY SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN”T READ IT YET – how can a narrator be a dead person? Not Death as in the Book Thief, but a person who dies to tie up the story line and keep narrating until they draw their last breath. But don’t cry, the person’s best friend steps in to comfort the remaining partner and hints of a future life together are more than blatant to stop our tears. WEAK WEAK WEAK.  That ranted, thank heavens for such writers who do get our students reading and discussing stories.

I had to reflect on the way the physical act of reading has changed so much since my childhood. The first book in the Divergent series I listened to as an audio book as I drove to school each day. The second book I downloaded as a ebook to my iPad and the third book I read as a paperback borrowed from the school library (the second book was out to students hence my need to download). Books for all places in all manner of ways – reading is so accessible these days. What a gift.

I am off to brew tea, before perhaps a browse of my unread book piles and then a little nap. I intend making seafood chowder for dinner so shall have to rise at some stage, but I am sure I am not the first person to cook in their pjs. Combing of the hair may, or may not be a priority.

pjs Marie McDonald


11 thoughts on “I, i , me,

  1. finally someone who will admit that Twilight was poorly written. Everyone gushes over how fabulous the books were. I forced myself to read the series and it was painful to slog through such bad writing. I’m going to have to read the Divergent series now – and I thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games.


    • I am on the third title “Champion” in Marie Lu’s Legend series now. I have only started book three, but I am gaining the feeling that it should have been a tighter two book series not a three book series, but that said, it is still very enjoyable.


  2. I saw the movie Divergent – well the first one. Enjoyed it – I didn’t read your spoiler as no doubt there will be more to follow. I also enjoyed the Hunger Games movies, sadly I don’t have the enthusiasm or time to read these days.


  3. All the 13 year old girls were wanting this Divergent series at the school book fair. My eldest boy (almost 14) still reads a tonne. He just finished the Steve Jobs massive biography.. In YA fiction he particularly liked ‘Wonder’ and ‘Boy 21’ recently……


      • I am not sure it is the path to success. More likely to do with the fact he creates havoc with his siblings so gets an electronic ban and has books to keep him busy in his room…. Looong summer holidays (into week 5 of 12) – give me strength.


  4. Another to check out is ‘Hero on a bicycle’ by Shirley Hughes. She mainly did toddler books (also excellent) but this was her first teen book and quite excellent…


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