swollen bits, annoying medical matters and conversational meows

female remedy


More dressing, more hair combing. What is the use of burying oneself in the country if one must keep being civilised?

Drove with Mr FD to his periodontist in the hope he could relieve Mr FD’s continuing post wisdom teeth removal agony. No sympathy, no help. Periodontist is now top of the Stick List.

Visit to pharmacy who did not have adequate supplies in stock of very common medications. Not the first time this has happened. Have to return tomorrow to collect remainder of medication. ANNOYED.

Home. Headache remains, swollen and very painful glands along jaw and in neck. Is it Ebola?

In bed, bright red heat bag wrapped around neck for comfort, except it isn’t comforting. Have cancelled intended visit by Daughter1 and Petite Fille in case something infectious. Had to settle for conversation over phone, “What does a pussy cat say?” “Meow” [I ask the question, Petite Fille says the Meow. How could you think otherwise?]

The Big Whatever is still not playing fair, but does the Big Whatever ever play fair?

8 thoughts on “swollen bits, annoying medical matters and conversational meows

  1. Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Good? I’m sorry to hear you are still feeling awful. It’s 5:24 am and I can’t think or grammarize.
    Hope you feel much better today!


  2. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years back (the wife said she didn’t notice any change haha) and they told me that if the nerve that runs down the jaw is damaged during the removal the pain doesn’t go away, it just lessens over time. Grim eh?

    Bit inconsiderate Mr FD being poorly while you’re laid up.

    Get well soon, both.


  3. Does he have ‘dry socket’ since the surgery? My 16 year old had hers removed around the same time as he did (Fri 13th June) and we were warned that ‘dry socket’ causes on going pain post surgery but treatments are available. I think we were told 1 in 20 suffer from this….. Maybe he is ‘the one’?
    Hope you improve soon too… especially inconvenient during your holidays!!


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