Blow, blow, blow the wind down.


It is not a night for either Flamingo Dancer or Augie Dog to be out. The westerly winds are howling around the house, and moaning through the trees in the garden. I pity anyone who has to leave there cosy homes tonight.

On the drive home the wind made continual effort to push my car into the new lane and it was quite a tussle at times to keep it on a straight course. It is a long time since I have experienced such strong winds. Tucked in bed with a nice cup of tea and my laptop I am a happy little homesteader.

First week of term completed. First week without our former leader. Someone commented today that the school hasn’t skipped a beat since he left. Also that everyone seemed more, well, authentic and at ease. The underlying stress and pretence has evaporated. We have an acting principal arriving on Monday who will be with us until the end of the year as they were unable to find a suitable replacement. I think this principal might be a “try and buy”.

By a quirk of circumstance, I know Mr Acting, as he was the deputy at the girls’ college our daughters attended in the 90s. He is a nice man and easy to approach so that augers well. However he has spent his career at girls schools, so I am sure our co-ed school will be quite a change for him, along with the issues our indigenous and pacifika students bring!

The down side of this week is that following the classroom vandalism over the holidays, someone has taken to throwing rocks and keying cars, along with breaking into them and stealing whatever they desire. They have done this to both teachers’ cars and to student cars. Our kids are not rich and those cars are often earned with a lot of hard work and assist them to get to their after school jobs which often assist their families, so it is a low blow. I heard on the grape vine that a parent may have taken a photo of the person or persons doing the vandalism. I certainly hope so.

Only nine weeks to the next vacation break!

7 thoughts on “Blow, blow, blow the wind down.

  1. Are there no surveillance cameras in the school’s parking lot? It seems like closed circuit video cameras are everywhere these days—in New York every elevator, taxi cab, train and public park had signs up warning one that she was being observed on camera. While they are an expense and bring up privacy issues (somewhere, I am sure, there is video footage of me picking my nose in my car while waiting at a stop light), they become a good deterrent against crime. The college I used to work at put up cameras and signs warning that there were cameras, after a number of car thefts in the parking lot were reported. A couple of former students were arrested after their images were caught on video as they broke into cars, and the thefts stopped abruptly after that. It was depressing however to realize that a former student of mine was probably responsible for breaking my car window and stealing my brand-new leather gloves and a tote bag I had won in a school contest.


    • We have some but not in the carparks, though I expect we will soon! One of the staff put a plastic owl high up outside the library to scare away other birds (it didn’t work) and all the students think that is a camera – and we don’t tell them otherwise! Our school is rather isolated especially at night and weekends, and being a lower socio economic area vandalism is sadly too common. On the positive side this is the first time in 2.5 years that cars have been vandalised. They have increased security patrols.


  2. HG makes a good point…..In Cairns there are hundreds of surveillance cameras around towns and schools. Little vandal bastards….they deserve the full force of your stick justice.
    Stay cosy. We don’t mind the cold clear weather and sunshine…we’ve suffered through 140 inches of wet season this year.


    • Ipswich has cameras everywhere and led the way I think. Our little Village even has them now too! We do have many of the buildings covered, just not the newer builds, yet, and the car park is hidden by the parish church and a little remote. The student cars were on the street.
      140 inches of rain – omg you must have mould covering everything! We desperately need rain. Mr FD did a wood pick up this morning, which was quite bountiful.


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