a cry for help or a cry to pee; or maybe a cry to help pee…


Nothing makes my eye roll back in my head faster than anyone sallying forth to describe their dream to me. Well, except for when they want to tell me the entire plot of the movie they just watched.  The dream I had early this morning, however has me breaking my own rule. It was either a cry for help or a cry to pee; or maybe a cry to help pee!

It went thus:

Driving on the highway the car radiator over heated, but I was able to coast into the carpark of a holiday park where I discovered that someone had shoved a pair of female panties into the radiator. A man came to help, and then for some reason I set off on foot while the radiator cooled down. I was most concerned that I didn’t know where I was, or how I would instruct anyone where to find me to assist me.

I ended up in a retail area and entered a David Jones store (an iconic Australian retail chain for the upper middle class where I never shop) This is when the toilet drama entered. I could see signs directing customers to bathrooms but could never quite find them. One sales girl was very helpful and directed me but I still could not find the actual door. She even tried to lead me there, but I just ended up on the street.

Then I was in a brownstone residential area (Australia does not have brownstones) and I saw beautiful large brown rabbits. They were just spectacular and I want to take their photo but I had too much in my hand – phone, camera, keys, and so couldn’t quite manage to take a photograph. One rabbit picked up a plastic trash can and replaced it on the front step of a house. When it stood up it was as tall as a person. The two rabbits went hopping along the street picking up rubbish and tidying the street as they went.

I thought, wow, they would make a better pet than Augie Dog, as they could help about the house, but rabbits are illegal in Queensland.

I was back on the search for a toilet.

My dream was interrupted by Mr FD and Augie Dog have a discussion in the living room and so now I don’t know if I ever did find a toilet, or ever got back to my car…


Quite a reasonable dream for a sane person, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

12 thoughts on “a cry for help or a cry to pee; or maybe a cry to help pee…

  1. Whenever I’ve had dreams about looking for a restroom, it’s usually because I really do need to pee. I think my mind is urging me to wake up and do so before I wet the bed—which I have not done (so far): but still, the dream is usually permeated with anxiety and frustration. Which makes me wonder if that’s the real basis of the dream—the search for a toilet is really about my being anxious about something in real life.

    The litter-gathering rabbits sound oddly appealing. That they were human-sized would have scared me.


  2. I’m sure there must be something deeply meaningful about peeing in your sleep or wanting to. I’ve had some of the most satisfying dream pees only to wake with a start and a quick pat of the sheets (always dry I might add) but with no desire to go pee for real. What’s all that about eh?


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