just call me, Bubbles, baby


Into the city for a Saturday sleep over with Petite Fille while her Mummy and Daddy dined at a French restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Sunday morning it was back to bubble blowing, and making aeroplanes by linking plastic clothes pegs and adding imaginative sound effects. I am a magnificent granny, as you would have expected.

Then it was out to lunch, before returning home to the country. We went to a nearby Japanese restaurant where I ordered a tempura prawn bento box with miso soup, and washed down with green tea. I joked Daughter1 and Mr Boy are eating their way around the globe this weekend, with an English style roast dinner planned for Sunday night dinner as well!


Petite Fille had a lunch brought from home but did have a valiant attempt to master the chop sticks, and may just have pipped Grandmama on that task. Her papa, the foodie, was so proud.

The restaurant had an artificial cherry tree with fairy lights in the centre of the dining room, which of course took Petite Fille’s eye as soon as she spied it. I suggested that her parents should include such in their upcoming house renovation, but I fear my suggestion fell on deaf eyes.


Petite Fille has learnt lots of new words, one being “sit” but she kind of says it as “shhit” so of course we take every opportunity to get her to say “sit” so that we can hear “shit”. It is a cruel trick on a small child, but a good one. It will make a great clip for the 21st birthday celebrations!

The run of luck was with me, and I garnered another poo nappy to change. That is four for four. Oh, the joys of grandmotherhood are varied and many.

9 thoughts on “just call me, Bubbles, baby

  1. Your descriptions make me look forward to being a grandmother 🙂 Although neither of my older two seem anywhere close to starting a family yet so it may be a few years…


  2. I wanted to blow bubbles with my grandson, but his mother wouldn’t hear of it. She was too afraid he’d try to swallow the soap, since everything now goes into his mouth if he can fit it in there.

    The photo of the bento box is making me hungry! I love tempura shrimp, but the last time I had it, it was soggy and disappointing. The chef was careless and more interested in watching a basketball game than the deep fryer.


  3. Make sure you get video of the ‘sit/shit’ phase as she’ll be saying it properly before you know it. My youngest used to shout ‘dumb fuck!’ whenever we saw a ‘dump truck’ (bin lorry/wagon). Priceless.


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