leave me to my catalogue and no one will die…

library catalogue

All week I have been cataloguing websites and placing the information into our school library catalogue,  so students have direct links to authority web sites for research. I have to admit that I have been experiencing a perverse pleasure in it that I can’t really explain.

To many people it would seem a monotonous job, uploading data into a library database, and I have to admit that I usually detest monotony. In this case, I think there is a certain sense of accomplishment that feeds my intrinsic need. At the end of a day I might have 80 or 100 websites ready for student access. A little pile of work that I can actually see.

Cataloguing these days is so easy, with all the information available through subscription and accessible just for selection and download. Even if it is a obscure title we can just submit it and wait for the information to be uploaded. Thank heavens for those little library elves who sit at their desks doing the original cataloguing, they make  life so much easier for those librarians who are spread so thin on the ground.

A couple of mornings I have been quite eager to sit at my desk and start on a new subject area, and I have felt very frustrated when I  am interrupted by the need to teach a class. Some of that is due to the fact that two of my three classes are painful groups. I want to slap them. Luckily the third group is the perfect class and I tell them everyday that they are the high spot in my week. My home class is a little different, after eighteen months with them they are like my chickens now, and I send them off every morning with the farewell, “Remember, Mrs Flamingo Dancer loves you.”

Today, I taught both horror classes and then had a period with my home class combined with another, so that made 48 students using a lesson plan from the curriculum leader that we had to adhere to and it was a boring croc. We ended up watching Dr Phil for the last 10 minutes where they learnt more about life relationships than they had in the other 40 minutes of the lesson. (The joy of having your home class in the library is that you get access to televisions!)

Then a colleague insisted she had given me something that I know full well that she hadn’t, but she kept insisting. She is going higher and higher up my stick list.

Tonight, I am tired, exhausted, stressed and feel like my head will implode, explode and just plain self-destruct. Not even a cup of tea will help, that is how bad it is!

I am so over this teacher thing tonight. If I put a little donate button on my blog will you all give me a dollar so that I can retire? I will say thank you. I will even send you an autographed photograph.

Tomorrow is another day … and that is the problem.

19430s cocktail mixing machine

1930s cocktail mixing machine

13 thoughts on “leave me to my catalogue and no one will die…

  1. Yes, I’d donate a dollar to a fellow teacher who has had it up to HERE with teaching. I’m not sure what the exchange rate for the US dollar to the Australian one is, but I’m afraid the US amount is pretty paltry.

    How long is it until the next school break? People who are not teachers often sneer at the number of “vacations” teachers get (as if we spent those weeks going to Tahiti or Martha’s Vineyard), but if they were in our shoes they would say there are not enough of them. There is so much stress in teaching, it is amazing that anyone with intelligence stays in the profession. For every miscreant student in their class, teachers should get combat pay.


    • 8 weeks to next holidays! And the exchange rate is $1.00US buys $1.06AUD, so I would be on a winner with you! They aren’t holidays, they are stress relief. Anyone who mentions “all the holidays” should be locked in a classroom for a week, with students and all the admin and planning that goes with them.


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