pyjama baking with a mastiff-mouthed individual


I have a favourite chair. Who doesn’t have a favourite chair? My chair is in the family room and faces the television. It reclines so I can snooze, read, eat, drink tea and pat our Augie Dog as I choose. It has an ample supply of cushions and right now a cosy rug as well. There is a little shelf near by at just the right height to keep my tea and snacks from Augie’s reach.

Last night, I arrived home to an artistic display of nature mounted on my favourite shelf, next to my favourite chair. It was courtesy of Son. One would think such a collection might be the passion of a child, but may I hasten to add that Son is an adult in his twenties!

photo 1-4

He had been tidying in the shed where we keep his car, the ride on mower, an array of furniture, some ours, some Mr FD’s late parents, and a large number of boxes that we seem to move from house to house with us! We use insecticide in that area and so all these guys, and gals were belly up scattered about the shed. The good news was that Son did not find any snakes hibernating for the winter.

The big guy is a rhinoceros beetle, according to Mr FD. Huge. It is quite off-putting when I reach out my hand to raise me cup and find myself eye to eye with the mastiff mouthed beetles . Hopefully, they will be returned to the wild, dust to dust and ashes to ashes, shortly.

photo 2-4

In the area of other matters, I had a pyjama baking morning. One of those Saturdays when I rise from my bed and start pottering and next thing I know the entire day has passed and I am still wearing my pjs. Paradise. Today, I baked savoury muffins and vegetable fritters for my school lunch. I put most in the freezer but put aside a few of each for our lunch. Very nice they were indeed.

Now I shall rest on my laurels until the morrow.


5 thoughts on “pyjama baking with a mastiff-mouthed individual

  1. I couldn’t stand to have insects, dead or alive, placed next to my favorite chair! I suppose they are beautiful in a natural-history manner, but I couldn’t even stomach my husband placing a dead butterfly on my bedside table one day while I was napping. He thought it was pretty, and I thought it was just…dead.

    Your baking makes me wish for a cold day where warm muffins with a cup of hot tea would be welcome. We are in the midst of a midsummer heat wave, with afternoon highs in the 100s (about 38 degrees Celsius?). Salads and cold sandwiches are the only things that look palatable right now.


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