sweet dreams are not made of this

Ah the soft midnight murmurings of the marital bed…

Mr FD: “Have you ever noticed how much James Caviezel looks like Paul Kennedy?”

FD: “Who and Who?” It’s 2.30 in the morning and I had been asleep for a couple of hours.

Mr FD: “James Caviezel, the actor and Paul Kennedy, the ABC journalist.”

FD: “Don’t know the actor…now go back to sleep.”

Minutes later…

Mr FD : “You have to admit though that James Caviezel looks more like James Caviezel than Paul Kennedy does, and Paul Kennedy looks more like Paul Kennedy than James Caviezel does.”

A pause, then… “I suppose if you extend that out to its end point, you could say that James Caviezel and Paul Kennedy look nothing alike.”



6 thoughts on “sweet dreams are not made of this

  1. sorry, I had to IMDB him and the ABC guy is unknown in old Blighty.
    Sounds like Mr FD wasn’t far off a poke with a big stick.


  2. LOL!

    I know who Jim Caviezel is (yum!), but I’d never heard of the other guy.

    Apart from them both being men, and both having dark hair, though, they don’t really look any more like each other than any other two dark haired men would. 😀


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