define : understanding, and CAN I GET FRIES WITH THAT?

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A member of our School Administration has been at a conference, and sent back an email to everyone with a link to a blog on tips to avoid burn out. One of the tips was “yelling at an understanding superior”.

What could one yell at a supervisor, even a so called “understanding” one, that would not get you fired, or at least hamper your future career prospects, if not long term continuing employment?

“I’ll have fries with that!”

My mother wears army boots!”

“I’ll pay for the next round!”

“Let’s hear another cheer for the Boss!”


Minerva now wants to yell at me. I showed her the stick. Silence reigns in the library.

11 thoughts on “define : understanding, and CAN I GET FRIES WITH THAT?

  1. When I read this sort of advice, I doubt that the giver of it has ever worked under a superior. That said, I used to work under a wonderful department head who once gave me her shoulder to cry on when things had gone to hell in the writing lab and I thought I was going mad. Some supervisors are truly leaders who have a marvelous way of marshaling their troops, while others are just petty tyrants who regard their staff as underlings to be crushed. Everything in its context, as my dear former boss used to say.


  2. It is difficult for me to imagine yelling at a supervisor. Or someone recommending yelling at a supervisor. I think employees would be smart to remember the tail does not wag the dog.


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