multitasking, roller skates and Minerva germs


library A

A colleague asked to borrow my office this afternoon for some parent- teacher thingy. I moved to the circulation desk. It was a mistake, as I was required to be nice.

Parents would come in for their appointment and just because Minerva and I were sitting at the circulation desk they had the cheek to expect us not only to know what was going on, but also to assist them.

I tolerated it for awhile, until I retreated to a comfy corner couch to catalogue websites, laptop on my lap, coffee cup on coffee table beside me, leaving an ailing Minerva to be the social niceties. Yes, I was a coward and pulled rank to designate the common people to her. There has to be some perks in my job!


So many teachers are ailing that this morning I ended up with my own class, and a supervision of a year 10 class at the same time. One class  was suppose to be at the far end of the campus, but I at least negotiated them coming to the library, so I had my class on one side of the book stacks at the tables, and the other class sitting on couches, on the southern side of the stacks. I should have had roller skates.Somehow  I managed to teach literacy and home economics at the same time!

Minerva was ill from when she walked through the doors, and though I tried or most of the day to make her agree to go home, she held her place at the desk. I kept a wide berth. I refused to answer her phone. I have enough ill health of mine own without running the gauntlet of other ills. It is not a battle I expect to win however.

She is on a day off tomorrow so I will have to woman the circulation desk from lunch time when the help goes home. It is tough at the top!

5 thoughts on “multitasking, roller skates and Minerva germs

  1. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer and one of those pop-up containers of Clorox cleanser wipes near the circulation desk, and use both often. The wipes should be used as soon as you approach the desk: on the phone, the desk surfaces, the keyboard of the computer, anyplace a person can lay her hands on. The hand sanitizer—well, you’re gracious and wily enough you won’t instantly spritz some on your hand after shaking someone else’s. But when I’m working with students, I don’t hesitate to slather it on and rub thoroughly. They should know that I know they don’t wash their hands, and I’m setting a good example for them. Or making a statement about their hygiene in general.


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