a swill brew

tea blue

Shuffling about the house, discovering and resettling crumpled tissues in various pockets and sleeves, I have taken to muttering to myself.

“This is so unfair, this is terrible, I can’t go on, I am over this, oh dear, oh my, that hurts,” punctured by sneezes that frighten Augie Dog and cause him to race excitedly up and down the hall and about the room, as well as coughs that can only end in the regurgitation of both lungs and stomach contents, and perhaps a sizeable portion of my circulatory system.

Minerva got me, or maybe it was the pig swill of germs at the pharmacy last week, but my defences have been breached. I have flu.

I have been in bed for the most of five days now, coughing, snuffling, head aching, in a semi coma from my medicine cabinet cocktail mix. I moan and groan, contemplating my imminent demise.

Not all the tea in the world can make this better


6 thoughts on “a swill brew

  1. Oh dear. Take care and feel better. Be sure to do lots of cough and deep breathe, as you don’t want post flu pneumonia!!!! Sorry you feel so lousy.


  2. Sometimes (though I don’t believe I have ever been so sick) I throw an herbal pharmacy at it– sage and honey teas, thyme and turmeric, but the one I believe helps most is good old honey, lemon and whiskey with a tiny splash of hot water and sprinkle of cayenne. Be well soon.


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