love at first sight

sick bed 1

I think I am in love.

I know I am in love.

We only met today, but I know that I am totally besotted.

I told Mr FD as soon as I returned home.

“I found the perfect – doctor!”

Since we moved to the Village we have struggled with finding a suitable family doctor. We tried one local clinic and though they bulk billed (no cost to patient) they were very militant about only giving you ten minutes and not a nanosecond more. The one doctor that we had been recommended rarely made eye contact and had no interest in creating any relationship or hearing past medical history. He wears a bad toupee and the few times I was there I came nearer and nearer to telling him he looked pathetic.

So, whenever possible I have been driving back to the City to see my doctor there, but that is an hour away. Not quite the best solution when I am really sick.

So when a colleague suggested a doctor at a nearby clinic I was quite eager to try. She told me that there was a female doctor who she visited and was impressed with.

I was a little disappointed this morning when I phoned to make an appointment and was told that she was fully booked – what, it was only a Monday in the busy flu season! There was another doctor I could see though.

And that is how we met.

As it was my first visit, he took a full medical history and checked all my “vital signs”; all without insulting my intelligence, and with a sense of humour! He was very thorough, perhaps a little too – he insisted on removing two moles before I left. I must have been with him for over an hour before I left with four stitches and a song in my heart. A doctor who cares!

He must have the right touch as when he took my blood pressure, the usual white coat syndrome didn’t click in and my blood pressure was absolutely normal. Proof he is the doctor for me!

And he bulk bills too!


[On the health front, I have been given antibiotics and another day off work. High temp and rattle in the chest clinched the deal. Last night the only way I could sleep was to sit up!  Poor Mr FD and Augie Dog suffered all night along with my hacking cough]

sick bed

10 thoughts on “love at first sight

  1. It’s as if I could “touch” your excitement! Lucy said how hard it is to find a good doctor in the States, one who does spend more than 10 minutes with you and doesn’t rote prescribe. I do have two and I made them both swear they can never ever retire before I die.


  2. I’m so happy for you. Finding a good doctor is soo difficult – I’m glad it all worked out!!

    I found my last great doc (no longer available to me) because his name, on the building, was a combo of my best friends + mine. I thought it was “a sign” and was right.

    Hope you’re better soon!!


  3. Compassionate and competent doctors are rare as hens teeth…….also re post above this, hope your mole removal continues to heal well. Usually when I find a good doctor or dentist they are nearing retirement age and they turn into grey nomads with no consideration for my continuing health care.


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