you are my hero and saviour

nose 1

To whoever came up the concept of aloe vera coated tissues, I suggest a Noble Prize for services to humanity.

I am just blowing my nose on the last tissue in what has been two very large boxes of aloe vera tissues and my nose has lived to blow another day.

Now, a share of my kingdom for whoever can clear my lungs…

11 thoughts on “you are my hero and saviour

  1. Wow … you really aren’t looking well at all (judging by your pic you posted).

    Oh? That’s not you?


    (I’m not a fan of tissues with lotion as – to me – they feel like they’ve already been used!)


  2. LOVE the tissues with the lotion. Worth every penny extra. They have them here that smell of Vicks too. Don’t ever use them on nether regions though……


  3. oh, i hate those tissues – they feel pre-snotted! lol
    agreed on the lungs. mine are being quite annoying right now. i *think* I’m going to get better instead of bronchitis… but I probably just jinxed that.

    hope you’re feeling 110% soon!


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