on the straight path


male hairIn recent months there has been a real push for Libraries to maintain relevance by becoming maker spaces, a place to do as well as be. A worthy cause.

Our library accommodates lots of activities including Career Fairs and Science Fairs. There is also the odd impromptu event that pops up from time to time during breaks.

This week, two students garnered a bit of attention, by pulling a chair out and plugging in a hair straightener, as one student set to showing another student how to straighten hair.

The interest aspect was that it was two male students and a small male audience. It was a really powerful moment as not one negative comment was heard. I expect the sale of hair straighteners jumped at the local supermarkets too!

3 thoughts on “on the straight path

  1. It’s a wonderful innovation for activity at public libraries to become spontaneous. After all, public libraries are among the few places where even the poorest residents are welcome and can experience some public time without having to spend money. Thanks for letting me know about this good moment. More such good moments should be happening all the time.


  2. Our central city library installed a 3-D printer in its new digital lab, which has garnered some negative comments, mostly from older patrons who have never seen or used such a device. It’s free to the public and has garnered interest from local artists and start-ups. I do wish they would offer classes on how to use it and get more of the local high schools involved, especially since the school district has slashed its vocational training budget and closed down automotive, carpentry and other hands-on programs. (And then they say not every student needs to go to college. No, they don’t, but where are they supposed to get the training to get a decent job in the current economy?)

    I like that the male audience sat in rapt silence. That’s a rare sight these days, unless they’re all staring at their smartphones.


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