Saturday in the country

open window

In an odd state of mind tonight.

Today would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday, so I have been thinking of him throughout the day. I don’t think I will ever stop missing him. Thinking of Dad leads me to thinking of BIL as the first anniversary of his death is not all that many weeks away. I guess mortality is on my mind.

I have more reasons to love my new doctor; for when I returned to have the stitches removed from where the mole was removed he informed me that the report stated that it was well on its way to turning into a melanoma. My new doctor may have just saved my life!

My body loves to make crazy cells : eye tumours, cancer cells and time bomb moles. I guess I have a fairly good idea what my end entails! But not tonight, dear…

minerva birthday

First Saturday in a couple of weeks that I felt half human so I dragged the mixing bowl from its cupboard and baked a batch of savoury muffins and cooked some vegetable fritters to restock the freezer with my school lunches. I also made some cherry and dried fruit muffins for a surprise morning tea we are going to have for Minerva’s birthday this week. The best thing is that we will close the library for one break to party! I think the closing of the library will be more exciting for Minerva than the food, as the students do try her patience some days.

I tell her that the way we deal with the issue is often the issue, but she hasn’t taken the hint. Then again, she has been there 10 years and I expect I may feel exactly the same in another seven years time. Every year there is a group that we are so pleased are graduating, but alas, there is always another troublesome group to take their place.

I sent six of my year 11 students to to work with another teacher in another building yesterday. All they had to do was walk from A to B, easy. It was only minutes later that I looked out of the window to see one of the boys being walked down to the detention room by the deputy head. What could he have done in just minutes to get into trouble, I have no idea, but then again that particular boy I am sure will either have his head kicked in or end up in jail once he is on his own.

Goodness me, I really am on a downer tonight. On the up side, only three weeks until September break. Spring is coming and they have predicted a 29C day on Tuesday! Today was glorious, about 25C with clear blue skies. I threw all the windows open to air the house and wished that it would stay just like this all year round. I am sure that somewhere it does, but we will be dry and oh so hot before we know up. They say air conditioning has been approved for the Library work areas… I hope it is not a cruel trick.  Too many of those already.


5 thoughts on “Saturday in the country

  1. One of my favorite scenes from the otherwise violent and gloomy TV series “Game of Thrones” is when the fencing master tells Arya, a young girl interested in swordfighting, that “There is only god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: ‘Not today.'” When Mortality weighs heavily on my thoughts, I cut them short with that quote.

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are looking forward to the end of a very hot, dry summer and the beginning of fall. I was thoroughly glad not to have a kitchen so no one at church or work would ask me to bake cookies or anything else that required use of an oven. That said, I almost yearn for weather that would make baking a cozy pleasure. I hope your spring is long and the hot weather brief for you.


  2. wow… yay doctor!! so much better than the one who ran his hand across my body, without looking at anything, and declared I had no need to worry about skin cancer… despite my history of Level 2 & 3 sunburns.


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