Season change


I spent the morning sorting winter clothes and washing the heavier items to put away until next year. Once again I wished that the gorgeous spring day would stay just as it was with its lovely temperate weather and blue skies. The birds were in full song and it was an absolutely perfect day in our country paradise.

We have been in our country abode for almost two years now and in recent weeks Son has been assisting me in reorganising the furniture in some rooms. If you have moved you will all know that flurry of initial placing of furniture that only time teaches you really doesn’t work, and so some reorganisation takes place.


We have been prompted a little by the knowledge that Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille are moving out of their house for a few months while renovation takes place and will be alternating between Mr Boy’s mother’s house and ours (ours will be weekend respite to give his Mum a break, as she lives in a small city house). Knowing that they will want to spend nights here means accommodating a small child and early nights as well as a house of adults and an Augie Dog!

So, the house is a mess on the way to becoming a thing of organisation and serenity. Then we shall all rest on our laurels in paradise!

9 thoughts on “Season change

  1. i have no talent for arranging furniture so I rarely bother. Most of my house is in the exact same configuration that I found when I moved in (my friends brought in the furniture while I was cleaning my prior apt). but I guess it’s going to have to change soon – this sofa reaaaallllly needs to be restuffed & reupholstered.


      • we’re having one of our worst droughts on record – which makes the humidity even more annoying to me. it’s just enough that everyone’s always sticky and everything makes you break into a sweat.


  2. Always intriguing to hear about your opposite weather changes. We are heading into fall, beautiful “Indian Summer” days. And then hard cold, wood stove, ice on the road. I’m ready to move somewhere else.
    My nephew, who lives in your neck of the woods, came to America in May with his six-year-old half Japanese child, who speaks with the most engaging Australian accent. We met up with them in the Redwoods. Nephew was taking his son on a tour of the Western US wonders of the world, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the giant Redwoods, before returning home.
    As for rearranging furniture. I do it every year or two. I seem to find new ways to place furniture and my friend and monthly house cleaner helps me move it. H could care less. I have photos over the past 22 years that amaze me that I even thought of it…but sometimes it’s my friend who moves furniture.
    Was also thinking about you post about your father. The first and second anniversaries seem to bite the hardest. I’m at the 3-1/2 year mark now. Hard to believe. On a trip to Northern California last week we stopped on the Oregon Coast where I spread some of mom’s ashes off a promontory. We walked out, looked around, took photos, and said, “That’s the spot.” I didn’t shed a tear, which surprised me since I have shed so many.
    Blessings FD. I rarely comment these days, but still following the Flamingo Dancer adventures….and will look forward to reading about the coming adventures of family in-residence.


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