a parting gift

Daughter2 presented me with a parting gift. A Christmas pickle.

Be still me little germanic heart, my life is complete!

christmas pickle

christmas pickle 2

During their childhood, each of our children would be taken to visit Santa and they would choose one tree ornament afterwards. Over the years we gained a variety of styles and colours acceding to their interests and passions at the time, so no designed, coordinated tree for us.

It has been a few years since new ornaments were added, but this year… we have a Christmas Pickle! Such excitement!

A bad Gran and a mischievous Aunt do their worst

picnic car

This city life is full of variety, but rather exhausting, I must admit.

Friday, we went shopping and as expected Petite Fille gained a musical bus with animals that popped up, a book about Two Bad Grans, which fits one particular Granny to a FD, and a pair of ladybug rain boots for visiting country grandma, me! We all ate sushi for lunch before retuning home for our naps.

cake samples

Saturday, the ladies went wedding cake tasting. Daughter2 had arrived about 11.30 pm Friday night, and so it was wedding planning, along with numerous cups of coffee. Some bakers delivered cake samples to our door, so while Petite Fille napped we ate afternoon delights. All texture, form and function, darling! There was no clear winner, sadly, so we may be forced to try yet more cake in the near future. Dear me, the efforts we go to for our children!

That night was date night for Petite Fille’s Mummy and Daddy, so Granny was ensconced with left overs and ice cream for a quiet evening of television. D2 was out catching up with girlfriends and flashing her gorgeous ring.

Sunday, we picnicked in a local park. Petite Fille is very car orientated at present, and so The Flamingo Dancer may have permitted herself  to be atop a playground car, beeping and tooting with total abandonment of all self respect. Damn good fun! We finished off the last of the cake samples before a huge Sunday dinner of roast lamb and vegetables prepared by Mr Boy.

Monday, Daughter2’s last day with us, she went planning with her wedding stylist, while Petite Fille and I got in touch with our creative side, al la play dough. D1 used a recipe with baby oil and so Petite Fille spent some time sniffing her blue play dough. A bit of a worry, as the night before Aunty D2 had tried to teach her to say “crack cocaine”, luckily out of her father’s hearing, who is never quite sure about the maternal influences of his wife’s family!

On a positive note for me, before my psychological hangup set in for good, Petite Fille learnt to say “Grandma” this morning.  She understand so much of what we say now, that, yes, we have started S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G words at times.

I shall depart Wednesday, having exhausted all, and added more than a few grey hairs to son-in-laws dark crown!

vie de la ville

city lady

Off to the city this day to spend time with Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille. Daughter2 is flying in for the weekend late Friday night to make wedding plans. Busy times. I shall be a very good mother and follow where led, nodding agreement as required. Well, I will try…

Visited my Mum in her care facility. We shared a  lovely morning tea of apple cinnamon muffins and tea. Her tea is now served in a zippy cup, and I had to break off little pieces of muffin to feed her. It was one of my saddest moments with Mum so far. She appears well, and in a happy place in her mind, but her conversation is unintelligible, making any real communication nearly impossible. Sad, sad.


I am off to the be a city lady, and a grandma, and a mother, until sometime next week.

Until later.


The events of recent weeks have brought the all too real threat of terrorism to the streets of our Australian cities. “That which was a plane ride away, is now a bus ride away.” Once again, we have learnt nothing, and a violent, ignorant minority who seek power because they feel powerless seek to dominate that which is not their’s to dominant.

Go home and love your family.