casting a caim


The Celtic Church developed a special type of protection prayer, the Caim Prayer or Circle Prayer. This was a way to surround oneself or loved one with protection and blessing – encircled, enfolded and protected.  To perform the Caim Prayer, you stand up, point your right index finger at the ground and turn in a clockwise circle.

Circle me Lord

Keep Protection near

And danger afar


Circle me Lord

Keep light near

And darkness afar


Circle me Lord

Keep peace within

Keep evil out


Circle me Lord

Keep hope within

Keep doubt without.


A colleague explained that within his family they would say it around the crib of the baby as they placed the child down to sleep each night.

Even if you do not feel the presence of a God, it is still a beautiful verse and a very loving ritual to wish a babe goodnight.

The prayer may be finished with:

May you be a bright flame before me
May you be a guiding star above me,
May you be a smooth path below me,
And a loving Guide behind me,
Today, tonight, and forever.


Very meditative; contemplative. Safety to you.

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