The events of recent weeks have brought the all too real threat of terrorism to the streets of our Australian cities. “That which was a plane ride away, is now a bus ride away.” Once again, we have learnt nothing, and a violent, ignorant minority who seek power because they feel powerless seek to dominate that which is not their’s to dominant.

Go home and love your family.

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    • We don’t have a constitution as does USA, remember we are still rued by a Queen! PM would love to be a dictator and is doing a good impression of one already, so martial law is entirely possible. I hope they don’t start calling for people to carry guns, because we really would be a sad version of USA then.


  1. i only believe in “eye for an eye” when it comes to animal abusers. I seriously and firmly believe their punishment should always be whatever they did to the animal. Seriously. (she said but still eats meat)


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