vie de la ville

city lady

Off to the city this day to spend time with Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille. Daughter2 is flying in for the weekend late Friday night to make wedding plans. Busy times. I shall be a very good mother and follow where led, nodding agreement as required. Well, I will try…

Visited my Mum in her care facility. We shared a  lovely morning tea of apple cinnamon muffins and tea. Her tea is now served in a zippy cup, and I had to break off little pieces of muffin to feed her. It was one of my saddest moments with Mum so far. She appears well, and in a happy place in her mind, but her conversation is unintelligible, making any real communication nearly impossible. Sad, sad.


I am off to the be a city lady, and a grandma, and a mother, until sometime next week.

Until later.

4 thoughts on “vie de la ville

  1. It struck me as a strange place to be, taking care of my faltering mother while helping my own daughter plan her wedding. On one side, sadness and anger, on the other, comedy (or drama, depending on the day) and joy. I hope the joy trumps all sadness in your life. Hug Petite Fille for me.


  2. That had this “big lug” tearing up. We have this at the moment with Dad. His food is mush and his drink is thickened to custard consistency. He’s a shadow of his former self.


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