when the bloom of the jacaranda tree is here

The Jacaranda trees in the main street of our Village, are blooming in all their purple beauty.


“Too late to study when the Jacarandas are in bloom”.

The flowering season of Jacaranda has real and imaged meaning for students at the last year of high school and at university (school year ends November/December). The blooms signal the imminent exam season and some teachers warn that those who have not started studying by the time the trees start flowering cannot expect to do well in their exams. http://www.qhatlas.com.au/jacaranda 


It also marks the end of our second year living in The Village, our secret Paradise. It really is true that life often takes you to places you never expected … and to happiness never contemplated. Counting blessings this day.



Kangaroo on a hot, tin roof


I was making my breakfast about 5.30am, when there arose such a clatter on the roof.

Dashing outside, I caught sight of a young kangaroo  hopping down our drive, not three metres from the house. He/She paused, giving me a backward glance, and then bounded through the garden and back into bushland.

Further investigation, utilising my best CSI skills, showed that said kangaroo  had bounded out of the bushland, through Son’s melon and corn plot, across the terrace garden, then onto the roof of the small carport attached to the  house. The carport’s roof is the same height as the top of the terrace area’s stone retaining wall. From the carport roof, the kangaroo must have bounded into the garden running from the terrace down to ground level, parallel to the driveway. It had landed on the drive way by the time I had made it through the front door, ready to eye ball me from the drive.

After giving me the once over in my pink stripe pyjamas, it retreated back into the bush.

Welcome to the country, Australian style!


a hero is me – because I get out of bed, each day!


My iPhone is my alarm clock. The sound that I have selected it to play is titled “Uplift”. I don’t think anything is uplifting at 5 in the morning, but I chose it as not being too raucous, or shattering to the nerves of a slumbering, Flamingo Dancer goddess.

Every morning, as the alarm plays it “uplifting” tune, Mr FD likes to sing along with it. He has created lyrics to match the beat of the tune. The words?

“Get up… and save the world!”

He repeats it until I switch off the alarm.

Then he rolls over and goes back to sleep, and I go… well, save the world!

Things I learned from being a kid

kid 3

·         Grownups lie.

·         If you eat your crusts your hair doesn’t grow curly

·         Swimming after eating grapes doesn’t give you a stomach ache

·         If you swallow a watermelon seed, it won’t sprout in your stomach, or if it does, you will never know

·         Dirty ears don’t grow potatoes

·         Don’t consume poison (I tried this as a toddler, and it ended up in stomach pumping. Possibly accounts for many things…)

·         If you go to an outside toilet at night, and your siblings say they will wait for you, they never do.  Better to go to the loo before they do and stand some chance of not being left too far behind.

·         Never trust your brother not to dunk you under the water

·         In fact, if anyone says, “trust me”, it is probably wiser not too.


(Now, can you see why I was an anxious child? So many rules to live by!)

kid 2


·         If someone tells you “this won’t hurt”, it probably will.

·         If a parent tells you to “come out from under there, or I will punish you”, they are going to punish you anyway.

·         The starving in African probably don’t want to eat broccoli either.

·         Marriage proposals at any time in your early childhood years are not binding.

·         It is possible to contract Scarlet Fever and not die a lingering death as did Beth in “Little Women”.  (At the age of 11, I read the book and three weeks later I was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. I compiled my will. Best friend was to receive the Barbie collection – she is still down to receive the Barbie collection.)

·         If you are the baby of the family, you are going to get stuffed into a lot of things – hand me downs, boxes, empty clothes hampers, cupboards.

·         If you want to round up dairy cattle, call, “bail up!”, but if you are calling pigs, you yell “sueeee!”

·         To feed a baby bird fallen from the nest, mix the seed with honey to spoon into their mouths.

·         Birthdays are not public holidays.

·         Don’t pick your mother’s flowers the day before her garden is to be judged in the local garden competition.


·         There is no place like home.

·         It is possible to love your siblings, even like them at times!

·         When someone yells, RUN! Just run, don’t stop and look for the reason.

·         The anticipation of Christmas is often better than the actual Christmas Day.

·         Ditto for birthday parties.

·         Gaining a library card can be a life defining moment (It gave me a profession and lifelong joy)

·         Grandmothers cook the best desserts and bake the best cakes.

kid 1

the finest words ever uttered, and having the last word


When I celebrate my 100th birthday, and they ask me what my secret to a long life is, my reply is going to be:

“Just don’t die.”


You know, how funeral notices often describe them as dying “peacefully”? Well, I want mine to read:

She died kicking and screaming and really pissed off.

The Hardy Tree In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church in London,

The Hardy Tree In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church in London,