Paris 1950 Ed Van Der Elsken

Paris 1950 Ed Van Der Elsken

Reading –  Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – actually I am listening to the audiobook; for the second time! I love the mystery, the reality, the mix of books and technology. My pick for 2014, I think.

Listening  -To the kookaburras in the trees outside my house. Australians pronounce kookaburra, as COOK-a-burra. We just do.

Watching – Quite enjoying Secretary of State with Tea Leoni . I have never recovered from the demise of West Wing, so this is feeding my addiction.

Wishing – I wish I had more time, more energy, more, more, more motivation. Maybe the time and energy is wound up in the lack of motivation.

Drinking – Tea. Always tea. REAL tea.

Wanting – Holidays. Retirement. Freedom. More time, more energy, more motivation.

What are you currently up to?

15 thoughts on “Currently

    • I didn’t read reviews, I just purchased on the blurb. I don’t trust reviews, because how do they know what I like, or what will speak to me? Hence why I hate it when people as me to choose a book for them. I think Mr. P’s spoke to me as a librarian and a teacher of ICT.


  1. I’m supposed to be working on a project for a client, but until last night, she seemed to assume I was going to enthusiastically throw myself into writing for her for free. I finally said, ‘no money, no work, and don’t even bother to email me anymore.’ Suddenly I got a late night email saying a check is in the mail. But it is a balmy Sunday afternoon, the cat and I are relaxing on the terrace, and we both think it is too nice a day to be talking on the phone about website content. And I still don’t have the check in hand, so yes, we are being a slacker today.

    I do so wish I could retire. Working is so tedious, and it gets more so with every passing year.


  2. What am I up to? Getting my new knee to work properly. Every day I exercise the knee. In a week I will be going to out-patient physical therapy for six weeks. I am using a walker but I can take a few steps without it. My walker’s name is Louise. I just want to get back to gardening and being able to walk without pain. That’s what I’m up to FD. Hang in there. Retirement is nice. You’re free to do as you please: sleep in, putz around, read, blog, go out and have some fun, etc. Lucy


    • Mr FD will need a knee replacement at some stage. He is good at doing physiotherapy, but not great at general exercise, so I am not sure how he will go. Hopefully, we won’t have to face it for awhile. Colleague at work just had both her knees done at once, and is back at work on crutches. She said it was nothing compared to the pain she was in previously!


      • I can’t imagine getting both knees done. I asked the surgeon about it and he told me it is very difficult for the patient and since my other knee could last another year or two, there was no need to put me through it. Here in the States the view now when in hospital is to stay ahead of the pain. Pain meds are given whether or not you’re in pain and it does help when going through therapy. I have plenty of pain meds here at home that they gave me, including morphine which I found hard to believe. I agree with your colleague about the pain of the knee replacement being less than the previous pain. But then, I have morphine. Lucy


  3. lol – i just posted that all i’m up to is a complete avoidance of life.

    shows: I’m watching Jane The Virgin. It needs some work but it’s surprisingly well done for being in its initial weeks. I tried to watch Mulaney but, in my opinion, Martin Short is the kiss of death to shows. if he’s it, you can be sure that everything will be WAY overdone.

    you reminded me of my fav audiobook – “The Pleasure of my Company”, written and read by Steve Martin. I should put that in the car… it’s soooo good!! Virtually everyone I loaned it to did the same as me, INSTANTLY repeated it. Something about the way it ends makes you want to hear it all again, listening for little details that you missed. Steve Martin (the comedian) is really an excellent writer!!


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