things to write about when you can’t think of a thing to write about



Some days I could write nine different posts, and then the next day, absolutely zilch comes to mind and my keyboard falls silent. So, I have been trying to develop a back up list of things to write about when I can’t think of a thing to write about!

  1. Why the supermarket should be arranged in Dewey  Decimal Classification
  2. Your first memory.
  3. What your most hated teacher would say about you if they knew you today.
  4. What you would tell your most hated teacher if you met them today.
  5. What you want to achieve before you die – not do, achieve.
  6. The stupidest thing you have ever done.
  7. The worst outfit you ever wore.
  8. Who you would like to be best friends with and why.
  9. Belly buttons – inner or outer and does it matter?
  10. What you would have done, if only your mother would have allowed you.
  11. Five defining moments in your life.
  12. What would you do differently at your wedding, if you could do it again – changing spouses is not part of it!
  13. What you hope your child will do, but will never tell you they did.
  14. Which of your five senses could you live without, if you had too?
  15. The worst medical problem you have ever had.
  16. The funniest/most embarrassing medical problem you have ever had.
  17. Did you ever cheat at anything, in your life – child or adult?
  18. Is it possible to have too many piercings?
  19. Favourite Christmas memory.
  20. Worst Birthday ever.
  21. First attempts at cooking.
  22. The first time you ever spent the night at home alone.
  23. Favourite colour and why
  24. The sound that makes your teeth grit.
  25. The songs you want played at your funeral
  26. Was the painter Picasso really a genius, or did he just fool us all into thinking he was?
  27. The book character you would most like to delete.
  28. Things you never told your mother.
  29. Something you learnt from your sister/brother
  30. Your first driving lesson.
  31. Which celebrity was pinned to your bedroom wall growing up?
  32. If you were the richest person in the world, what daily pleasure would you indulge in.
  33. Three wishes…
  34. Is the book really dying?
  35. Five people you would like to invite to dinner.
  36. The one person you would like for a sleepover. Define the type of sleepover.
  37. Your “go to” movie when you need comfort.
  38. The worst gift you ever gave someone, and why
  39. Giving or receiving gifts, which do you like most?
  40. Should Christmas trees be traditional, or designer?
  41. Why do we love reading scandal?

Well, that’s my first 40. What do you think?


[Feel free to use any of these suggestions. May I ask that you just link back to this post, so that we can enjoy too?]

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