Drabble this!

I wish I knew the creator of this photographer. If it is yours, I salute you.


Write a drabble (exactly 100 words) about this image

Write a drabble (exactly 100 words) about this image


I think he drinks English Breakfast tea, don’t you?

Write a drabble about our tea drinking blue bird.

6 thoughts on “Drabble this!

  1. Good thing, ducking out just after that wedding. Hectic day, this. Nothing like a few moments to oneself, collect thoughts, refresh with a spot of tea, what?

    ok, well it isn’t “exactly” 100 words either.


  2. Bertie checked his watch again.

    “I should be early.”

    When he’d bought the gold Rolex years ago it had seemed a useless extravagance, but he found the reliability of it pleasing.

    His morning tea had cooled enough to not burn his tongue, so he sipped it as he admired his reflection. The blue silk jacket went well with his eyes and the other new features.

    The operations had been expensive and painful but, when he returned to work after missing several months, he was sure the office Halloween Costume Contest was his!

    November First and onwards would be the problem …


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