You think you’ve had a bad day?

Think of this poor woman – how do you think her day has been?

If this is your image, we salute you!

If this is your image, we salute you!

How did she get there? How is it going to end?

Write a drabble (100 words) and tell us about her day.

5 thoughts on “You think you’ve had a bad day?

  1. that looks like a very interesting day. I imagine positively that the cloud will turn to a gentle rain shower of warm rain and bring her down at the beach line…. 😉


  2. Jessica loved her swing. She found it one Sunday afternoon, after a fierce exchange of words with George… She only needed to close her eyes and put a pillow over her head and she was up, swinging. Floating and flying. Up there she was invincible, immortal and impossible to hurt. Up on her swing she was far way from the beating hands of George. There she was safe, at least until next time.

    OK, I couldn’t make it 100 words I must take the dog for a walk and wake up the kids before leaving to work. Gee, it is hard to write long. Fun assignment though. 😀


  3. Okay. Here’s mine. The title is: Golden Parachute

    Celestine Farquoire was at an outdoor market in Kingston, Jamaica. An old woman handed her a tiny, linen bag and quickly walked away. There were eight pink and blue beans inside and a note to plant them as quickly as possible, which she did. Within minutes the beans sprouted and climbed into the sky. Celestine climbed the bean stalk and was suddenly frightened. A cloud was next to the stalk with a swing attached. She sat on the swing and the cloud lowered her over the ocean and dumped her in the mouth of an Orca that ate Celestine Farquoire.

    I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning. Excuse the violent ending. That was fun though. Lucy


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