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Writing : I am participating in NaNoWriMo, along with my little band of student writers. It is a work of fiction, and yes, based on libraries and books, and new technology and altering history.

Reading : The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. The book sits on my desk in the library, and I read it during my literacy classes free reading periods, so I am dipping in and out and keeping half an eye on students at the same time (and remember there is only one eye to start with!) so not conducive to happy reading, but I am enjoying the tale. Problem is that sometimes I end up reading the same paragraph a couple of times before I actually retain it. Oh the hazards of being a teacher librarian!

Wishing : Counting down to the end of the school year. Four weeks to go! However, I am booked to have a mole near near my ex-eye removed over the holidays, so last day of school I am off to a plastic surgeon for step one of the process. I am also due to have a colonoscopy, so I am not sure why I am so excited about holidays coming… oh, wait, yes, I do know ….NO STUDENTS FOR SEVEN WEEKS!

Best moment: when one of my little band of student writers called me “the best teacher in the world”. I don’t actually teach her in any subjects, we only meet for the writing group, but her compliment came at the end of a long day when one of my other students used the f word towards me, so it gave me the strength to last another day. (The naughty student got suspended for a day for his utterance.)  I think said compliment may have been influenced by the food I provide every week in our writing sessions!

Missing : Lost family members. Anniversaries of deaths of my Dad and BIL recently. Good memories of happy times, too short, make it a sad time. Missing my Mum, who is here in body but not in spirit, due to dementia. I wish, I wish…


9 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Good for all of you! I have toyed with the idea of NaNoWriMo this year, but I’ve been dogsitting for the last week, so between falling asleep on the couch and trying to keep 50-lb and 75-lb dogs from sitting on my lap, I haven’t gotten much WriMoing done.


    • I did a big splurge last weekend, but nothing during the week, I shall have to try again this weekend. It is a bad time in our school semester because it is end of year exams starting Monday. We need a NaNoWriMo much earlier in our school year!


  2. Isn’t it funny, how one student’s compliment can make your day, especially after another one has told you to eff off. I was trying to decide the other day if that means I’m so pathetic just one compliment makes my tail wag, or if making that one little difference is what teaching is all about.

    Also, you’re saying that you’d rather have a colonoscopy than deal with students? 😉


  3. I have “The Bone Clocks” ready to read, thanks to you.
    I just had a colonoscopy about two months ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, of course, I was extremely sedated.
    Schools out for summer, Alice Cooper.


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