G20 or how to empty a city in one day.


It is so hot today that when I walked outside moments ago the heat felt as though it was burning my nostrils as I inhaled. 12 noon and just over 40C already. Tomorrow is predicted to be even hotter.

Welcome to Australia, G20!

I think the delegates and their advance sherpas will be quite impressed by Brisbane. We emptied the entire central business district for them. Yes, almost the entire city got into their cars and drove the the beach for the weekend. If you were a terrorist looking for a crowd to hide in, you would be mighty lonely.

I feel sorry for the police and other security personnel in their full uniforms standing out in the heat. It is such a dry heat, it burns. I have been singing, “only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun” a lot today.

Not only have we emptied a city for the G20 crowd, but they actually brought a freeway to a standstill at peak hour on Thursday afternoon to drive Obama’s EMPTY limos to his hotel.  They are called the “beast” the media reports and the request was made to demolish some road round about intersections to allow the car to pass. It was declined.

As I write, Obama is at the University of Queensland delivering a speech to 2000 invited guests. I was not invited, big mistake, big, big mistake. It has become quite fashionable for some local politicians to announce that they declined their invitation. I suspect as a cover for not being invited.

Earlier the man so many of us love to hate, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, delivered a rambling speech about domestic issues which had Putin not even pretending to listen.

The Russians have a couple of war ships off the Queensland coast in international waters. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! declared all the conspiracy theorists this week. My personal theory is that a. it is so their communications people can tap into all the buzz happening and b. if a catastrophic event did take place, they would have Putin back on his own ship faster than the rest of us could take our last breath.

The majority of the event is taking place at the Brisbane Convention Centre where I have been for a couple of conferences this year, so Obama and Putin are in fact walking in my footprints. It doesn’t get much better than that, for them!


Now 41C= 105 Fahrenheit.

14 thoughts on “G20 or how to empty a city in one day.

  1. Great view of the City and the bay. Lovely meandering river or is it a waterway. Geez, is Putin still around? Obama has been even less than popular here in the States. He’s a lame duck president so there’s not much to do about it. I think your invite is somewhere in the mail. Luckily here in Florida when it’s that hot, we have humidity and usually a breeze off the Gulf–I’m only about 3 km from the beach. Stay cool. Lucy


  2. The request to take out the roundabout so the beast could fit through was pretty funny – and the two helicopters, one being a decoy. Then the ships turning up. I don’t think they realise how much of a shit most people here really couldn’t give about the whole event. It was nice to see Angela Merkel drop into the Pub.

    The heat must be moving North. We had a 40 degree day yesterday but it’s at least 15 degrees cooler today


  3. What a crazy time for the area! I do not enjoy those 40 degrees days, they are pretty rare over here, but used to be common when I lived in Sudan. Enjoy the hubbub if you can!


  4. obama and his empty everything love to bring life to a standstill, wherever they go. It’s what they live for. On behalf of considerate America, I apologize for this inconvenience (what an understatement)


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