heathens and philistines


It is so fashionable at the moment to adorn ourselves, and our homes with books. Sadly,not read though.


Jewellery is made from books, furniture is made from books, and of course art is made from books. Cafes and hotels grace magazine pages boasting book lined shelves and often no one could reach even if they were inclined to open the covers.

room 1

No one who reads has time, nor the inclination, to arrange their shelves by colour hue.

Someone should hit them with a stick, and I know just the person to do it.

5 thoughts on “heathens and philistines

  1. Ha! I hope you will visit one of these places with your stick!

    I once saw at a high-priced furniture store a fake antique book thing you could stick in a bookshelf to make it appear as if you read a lot of expensive, old books. It was nothing more than this pressed wood and acrylic piece of junk sculpted into what looked like a row of books. And they wanted $50 for it. For that price, I could easily go to a used bookstore, bought a bagful of real books and pop them onto the shelf. Except I would actually read them, not show them as decorative items.


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