in which Flamingo Dancer feigns niceness and needs a lie down.

Wise men

Another day, another trip into the city. This time to accompany Petite Fille and her Mummy to a Let’s Make Music Christmas breakup. It was run by the Salvation Army, and Daughter1 warned that there might be a little “God bothering” but really, it just put God back into Christmas and no more than we would have expected at a Catholic gathering for children. Well, maybe we would have run a raffle for some alcohol as well!

The children were given little rings of bells and ribbons on a ring to shake and twirl as they sang a few songs. They were all given a book, a candy cane and a chocolate bear to take home – the candy cane and chocolate bear were not acknowledged as food in Petite Fille’s case as she is still sugar free.

After a shared morning tea of water and fruit, toys were brought out to share, while the adults had a lovely morning tea of sweet treats.

The noise was a little much for my delicate ears, even my teacher ears, but it was such fun to watch all the different babies and toddlers interacting, or not interacting with each other. There were a few older children as well, as today is the last day of the school year for state schools.

Petite Fille is a gentle soul, and as she does not go to day care, is not aggressive in any way, so she was sometimes stunned by the open aggression of some of her play mates. Some might call it assertiveness, and some were too young to understand the concept of sharing, but there were a couple that were just little bullies in the making. Teacher FD had to pull herself into visiting Grandma mode and not go into discipline mode on those children.

Back at the house we shared lunch. Petite Fille now sits on a booster cushion on a chair as she has outgrown her high chair, and she was intent on showing me her “bounce” as she ate toast and soup. Just as well she was wearing safety straps! By the end of this visit she was calling me Grandma Flamingo Dancer. Her other grandma is just called Ga. Not that it is a competition or anything …

I drove home through the rain, listening to the audio book A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, which is absolutely wonderful. I laughed out loud in a couple of places, even though I was driving down the highway! A grumpy old man (59 years of age is old? I think not, but it doesn’t hurt the plot) who just wants to be left alone to be disappointed by the world, has his life invaded by a number of people and situations out of his control. It is also about the important of doing the right thing, and how helping others can bring rewards that can never be anticipated. One of my favourite reads for the year.

Tomorrow may not be the seventh day, but I am resting. I arrived home to find there was an invitation from the neighbours to a street Christmas party next week. I need to rest and gain my strength for another round of niceness, that being the niceness you pretend when you don’t do nice.

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