the morning after


I have a bad case of crown hair.

This year, we were going to go Christmas crackerless, but Daughter1’s mother in law brought along a box and so we sat at the table wearing paper crowns. By some strange coincidence, of the eight people assembled at table, seven wore yellow or orange hats, and one a pink crown. Me. The power of my glorious aura even reaches out to Christmas crackers!

Daughter2, feasting with her future inlaws, sent a glorious floral table arrangement that was and is, just sheer joy to gaze upon, and finished our table beautifully. Just by chance, I had selected apple green linen napkins for the table and the same green was echoed in the flowers. More of my magnificence!


Petite Fille, sat on her chair, wishing all a “Merry Christmas” and hit repeat once she realised the attention it gained her. Recently, she has been making duplo dogs, and every “dog” was not considered to complete without the addition of one last block, which was deemed a “party hat”. So adults with party hats, surrounding her was the cause for much declaring of “party” and “hip hip hooray” with the appropriate arm throwing head high. The gin and tonic pre lunch, and the selection of wines during lunch meant more adult gusto as the meal went on.

The roast was a failure, as despite hours of “correct” cooking was still deemed “raw” at slicing, so back into the oven, but there was plenty of ham to go around. Once the shame of it all would have spoiled the event for me, but now I just laughed and shared the story. I did feel superior though, due to not over catering. There was one little container of left over sweet potato and pumpkin at meal’s end; not the dozens of little bits and pieces of previous years which meant a search through cupboards for odd containers and much use of glad wrap. The fridge is not groaning under the weight of leftovers, hooray!

The sticky fig pudding (egg free) with caramel sauce was to die for, and a couple of people went back for seconds. Mr FD and Son finished it off as their main course, Christmas night. The dishwasher washed into today, but it is all cleared and packed away now, ready for stage two. Daughter2 and Her Beau arrive on Monday when we shall party again with more family.

The addition of Petite Fille has made Christmas, Christmas again. She finds such happiness in small things – her glee at stroking Augie Dog, eating her first cookie (be it a chickpea cookie!) and having her two grandmothers in the same place at the same time (that took some mind altering processing!) was a gift I hope I never forget.

Boxing Day afternoon and I am still in my pyjamas. There were long phone calls this morning, with Daughter1 and my Sister to recap the day. Sister was with us for lunch, but we still found things to talk about for two hours this morning!

I hope that you found peace and happiness in your days. Blessings to you all.

Thank you for being my friend.


But don’t think this will get you out of a “sticking” should you require it…


12 thoughts on “the morning after

  1. I love that sometimes I have no idea what you are talking about. Christmas crackerless? I have heard of Boxing Day, but did not know what you did on that occasion. I looked these things up; now I know. Thanks for a great post!


  2. We have occasionally had Christmas Crackers! We love them, i can not imagine anyone choosing on purpose to not have them!!! Sounds like a very perfect day, and with the one cooking failure seems also kind of typical. Glad you had a great time with your family!


    • I always seem to end up wearing mine all day, and then I look around and everyone is no longer wearing their hats. There I am in all the photos wearing the only hat…
      We decided not to have them this year as the little trinkets in them can be a choking hazard for wee ones and dogs.


  3. Christmas crackers and crowns?? Must be a result of being on the bottom of the world and all that blood rushing to your heads. Oh wait, you explained it later in the post – all the alcohol …

    A chickpea cookie? A chickpea cookie? Really?

    Glad you all had a great time.


  4. LOL at Petite Fille! She knows what’s important!

    My sister always buys a box of crackers for the holidays, and since there were only the two of us, we each pulled two. We wound up with one each of red, blue, yellow, and green paper crowns. Very festive!


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