It was all about the team.

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First day back at work after 6 weeks of holiday is never easy, but having to front up to 3 hours of a corporate challenge, Survivor style team activity in the burning, Australian summer, sun, is certainly not adding a welcome dimension to that return.

The teaching staff were allocated into 12 teams of 8 people and we had to perform feats such as using a giant sling shot to land balls in a bucket the entire length of the sports field away; erect a tent while blindfolded, and move the entire team across the field using 8 pieces of wood the size of a neatly placed, pair of feet; trivia questions and words puzzles.

Our team had me, with a sore back and one eye, a guy with two eyes but sight in only one, a gay guy, a man who is so vague that he wouldn’t notice a tsunami going by, two rather obese women, and a female dance teacher who can’t spell the word “Jesus” even though she teaches in a catholic school. She also speaks with a Minnie Mouse voice.

Minnie was the most entertaining, as during the sling shot competition, clad in a mini, sun dress and black stockings (not leggings, but nylon stockings – no, she did not read the memo on sports clothes and shoes) she took the shooting position of sitting on the ground with knees up and legs splayed open as wide as she could manage. Her undies were white. At least, I hope it was her panties I viewed…the other doesn’t bear thinking about.

We came first in the word puzzle, second in the tent erecting, second last in the wood block walking comp and middle of the field for all the others. We got the first trivia question wrong which put us out, but I knew every other question after that, so we would have won, had we just used our immunity beads and skipped the first question. So what colour is the middle ring of the Olympic flag? 

It was an exercise to get the new staff working with the “old” staff, but as there were only two newbies on our team (and I had worked with one at Fanny and Maude’s School for Fine Young Women just over four years ago!) , basically we got to know some people we already knew well, again.

We have 27 new staff this year, as year 7 now becomes a high school class, and no longer primary school to  bring our state in alignment with the other Australian state school systems. I feel like an old hand now, as this will be my fourth year at this school. How time flies when you are almost having fun!


Students return next Wednesday, but we have professional development and planning days until then. Thankfully, this weekend is a long weekend to celebrate Australia Day, thereby easing some of the holiday withdrawal pain. School is great when the kids aren’t there!


3 thoughts on “It was all about the team.

  1. I still maintain the best trust exercise is to ride a mule into the Grand Canyon. Seriously. These animals know what they are doing, they walk the outer edge of the trail. That’s right, hanging you out over the edge looking deep into the canyon. But then your teammates are humans, not mules, and it’s about team playing. Well, I suppose that does involve trust to a degree?


  2. Fun Day? Sort of? I always wonder how tired everyone is who makes up the fun days that then everyone finds rather less fun than they were supposed to be. You painted a great picture of your one teammate and her undies.


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