What things would you never do?

eye peep

How long have you got?

  1. Nothing to do with heights. So that means, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or mountains above three meters in height. Should I go on?
  2. Wear a mini skirt. Been there, wore the skirt. Knees now say no. Enough said.
  3. Have dinner with any member of the Australian Liberal Party (equivalent of USA’s Republican Party). It would end in mass murder.
  4. Marry Prince Charles.
  5. Eat an eyeball.
  6. Tell my children which one is my “favourite”. (I am so self centred that I am actually my favourite! It would break their hearts to know…actually, I think they do already!)
  7. Travel around Australia with Mr FD in a caravan. (That idea has divorce court written all over it!)
  8. Run through the jungle (Ooopps, that one slipped in, Mr FD is listening to Credence Clearwater Revival in the next room). I would never “run” anywhere, full stop.
  9. Take up line dancing.
  10. Get a tattoo. I am sorry, I just think they look sad on old people, and we all get old sometime.  Saggy, baggy, faded.
  11. Holiday with a sister in law.


What things would you never do?




10 thoughts on “What things would you never do?

  1. Vote Republican after Eisenhower..
    no war.. universal health care.. education.. a peaceful world that is capable and appreciative of true expression.. hmm.. guess that is about it.. ‘would never vote republican after Eisenhower’.. I mean.. two GOP Pres. resignations.. one presidential term stolen.. all in my short lifetime.. to date.. I guess that is about it.. that would put us closer to a world caring for life and species rather than what is quickly becoming known as the redundant source of energy it is.. oil.. and money.. of course.. the money.. worth more to some than life.. until it is theirs.. so.. as I said.. no GOP vote.. Peace Tony

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  2. Not a lot. Hard drugs seem a foolish gamble. As does gambling, other than small flutters. Soft drugs too, too many celebs seem to be conking out after over indulging as kids.


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