foaming at the feet

rain 1

Rain had been falling for several hours by the time I arrived at school. Wearing my skeetchers, the first time since I had thrown them into the washing machine for a clean over the holidays, I had to trudge through deeper than expected water on the paths to the library.

My shoes were soon soaked through. My shoes felt slippery and one glance at my feet told me why – white, foaming bubbles were frothing up and over my shoes! By the time I reached the library my shoes looked as though they had been fashioned by the Soap Queen.


I took them off and walked around the library barefoot until my shoes dried out. I can only guess that the rinse cycle didn’t quite rinse all the suds from my shoes!

Note to self : rain boots for next downpour.


3 thoughts on “foaming at the feet

  1. I’m guessing it’s warm enough out there that your feet don’t suffer from walking barefoot in the rain? But good grief, soapy shoes! Maybe you could have passed them off as shoes to wear to a rave where they spray foam on the participants. 😉


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