What would you do with a unicorn head mask?

unicorn 1

Oh, let me count the ways.

Wear it to school and teach in it.

Go through the drive though window at Maccas and order a diet coke.

Sit in the public gallery at Parliament House, when the politicians are debating climate change. Just as a little reminder of what can be lost…

Visit the hairdresser and ask for just a little off the back!

Get my nails done and ask for the same colour to be applied to my horn.

Attend my granddaughter’s second birthday party.

Get a new photo taken for my driver’s licence.

Wear it when the school class photos are taken. My home class would be legendary.

Sit in bed, waiting for Mr FD to turn on the light!


What would you do with a unicorn head mask? Keep it clean.

unicorn 2




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13 thoughts on “What would you do with a unicorn head mask?

  1. I love the idea of wearing the mask to Petite Fille’s party! I don’t think my grandson would like it, however. He’d either squawk in protest or try to rip the horn off. I foresee already a long career of turning things upside down and inside out, including unicorns.

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  2. This past Christmas I purchased a Zebra mask as my “secret santa” surprise gift. My 86 year old father picked the gift, and immediately put it on – then it went to 14 yo neice – it was the most coveted gift of the holiday – everyone wanted a change to wear it. Best 11$ I ever spent. It made holiday photos extra special.

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