not one to forget

A little gutted tonight. My favourite student, a young man who is just going into his final year of high school, is not returning to our school, but going to a rural state high school about an hour drive away.

He is such a nice young man, and we used to look forward to the time he spent in the library. Very quiet, much more mature than many of his fellow students, with a friendly nature. He wrote articles for an online sporting magazine and sat in on our creative writing group each week, more for the food than the writing, but he was always a bonus.

He said nothing at the end of last year, so I can only surmise that something unexpected happened to force him to change schools. I worry as it is his final year, not a good time to disrupt a child’s education.

Also, he isn’t the most outgoing young man. He had a couple of friends but seemed very secure in his own company. An introvert for sure. How is he going to survive in the harsh environment of a state high school? So hard to break into groups at his age. My heart breaks for him.

I hope I am wrong, and that he has a wonderful experience, but I guess I will never know, now. I wonder if students ever know just how much the teacher really does care, sometimes?

Goodbye and Good luck, I hope you have a wonderful life.

8 thoughts on “not one to forget

  1. Is there no way to send him a note, or would that be a violation of his privacy? (The school district I work for frowns upon any off-campus socializing between teachers and students. Something about impropriety and exposing the district to a potential lawsuit.) I’d think he’d love to hear from Miss FD about how highly she thought of him.


  2. I changed schools just before my Senior year, and I turned out fine … regardless of what everyone else may think.

    Really, though, it was tough. I too was not an outgoing individual and I moved from a large school (500+ in my class) to a small rural school (less than 50) where everyone knew everyone else and had for all of their lives. They weren’t unfriendly, really, but it was hard to make real friends.

    Hope it works out for him. Could it be tuition costs that caused him to leave?


    • I was thinking tuition. I mean, a parent could have lost a job, or a marriage breakup. He is about 10 years older than his little sisters so there may have been a first marriage and maybe he went to live with a Dad.


  3. I met some unique characters in my time as a teacher. Heard how some have progressed but never met the unique ones again. Got accosted by a Mum a few years ago to hear one apparently mediocre kid was now reading Law! There’s no telling where they end up.


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