Does the cake stay the same : or are we playing an age game?

number 45

What if we didn’t count weeks and months and years? What if we didn’t celebrate birthdays and did away with calendars? Would we fear ageing in the way that we do, if the numerical stacking of years did not occur?

Would we live each day as it was, and our todo calendars would contain just days, not years? Would anxiety fall, would life be simplified; would we not divide lives into what lies ahead, what might remain, but focus on what is now?

If age was not a number, if the average life span was not communicated by digits, what would the human mindset be? Would death still be feared as always on the horizon?

Would our careers and usefulness still have a use by date?

Just wondering…

number nine


The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it’s really the same.

John Oates


7 thoughts on “Does the cake stay the same : or are we playing an age game?

    • Or comparing the height of trees we’ve known since planting. For people of significant age, we would just count the height of the stump (not the rings, as that would still be counting age), since there would be no living trees left.

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