Are you a table dancer?

party 1

I’ve never been comfortable meeting people in social situations, or any situation for that matter. No doubt, it stems from being an introvert. I really don’t need “other” people to make me happy. My family is all I need.

I have always been a solitary person, though throughout school I always had a large group of friends. To this day, I still have friendships with my inner high school friends, and my BFF is from kindergarten, so I can and do make friends. It is just the social hurdy gurdy that I don’t need.

For most of my life, I found this difficult to handle – avoiding social situations. It often meant I whinged and whined and made any excuse not to attend things, but one thing that life has taught me is how to say, no thanks, to social occasions.

I am honest, I tell them, “That’s lovely, but I find it very exhausting to be nice for too long. If I attended I would need to lie down after a short time, so, no thank you.”

Without fail, the other person laughs, thinking I am joking, so I repeat, “I really do find nice difficult, so I don’t do social.” And with that they know. They never appear insulted; they know it is me, not them, and I get to go home and lie on my bed sooner.

Of course, if I did attend, I would be the life of the party, as I always am.

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