Excuse me, over here, I have a couple of questions to ask…


good girl


Why do blessings wear a disguise? Are they ashamed about how long they took to turn up?

Why is it “greedy” to eat the last piece of cake, but okay to have more than one piece before that?

What is this normal that is we all talk about?

What is “average”?

Why do we say “it is just black and white”, when we know it never is?

Why are we frightened by change?

Who invented working at a job, for life?

Why do men still wear ties?

Why is there a “silent p” as in psychology?

Why would my mother never listen to anything that I, her child with three university degrees, explained to her, but she would staunchly believe any silly thing she heard on TV, or read in the newspaper?

Why do we wear what is “fashionable” when it doesn’t suit us?

Who gets to decide what is fashionable, anyway? And do they wear it when it is fashionable?

And once everyone is doing, wearing, or going to the fashionable, why is it no longer fashionable?

Why is it called “going commando”? Have you ever seen a commando without pants?

Why is it called the “jolly roger”? There is nothing jolly about being attacked by a pirate ship.

Why does growing up suck so much?

What is the difference between planning in detail and procrastination?

Why could I never blow bubble gum bubbles?


7 thoughts on “Excuse me, over here, I have a couple of questions to ask…

  1. also… one of my amusements is watching who won’t take the last of something vs who doesn’t think twice about it.
    i brought fries/chips to the brewpub on thurs. went to get a last fry and found the packet thrown away… one of the brewtenders didn’t think twice about finishing them off (which I adored as I bought them to share)


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