What is my biggest fear right now?


Dying before my future grandchildren are born and that they never get to know me.

Assuming that there are to be more grandchildren, other than Petite Fille, but even if she is the one and only, I do not want to die before she has real memories of me, and knows how much she is and was loved by me.

To me, a person is never really dead until the last person who remembers them is dead. I have learnt however, that those “memories” do not have to be first hand experiences. My parents shared memories of their parents, their grandparents and now I hold those memories as the moments I shared with my parents, so even now those people are not really gone. Does that make sense?

As long as we keep sharing the memories, we live on longer in this world.

So, I want my grandchildren to know me, and to have made memories with me, and to have listened to our family stories so that we all travel on through time together.


8 thoughts on “What is my biggest fear right now?

  1. I wish it was that easy, I hope that you get all that you desire and your life is extended as long as you desire it to be. Telling our fears isnt easy so thank you for your thoughts. If you have time come visit ShanayaNour.com here on wordpress. My life experiences was not easy but I am talking about it anyway.


  2. Agreed, about never having your grandchildren, current or future know you. I’d also say never getting to see those darling ones grow up and become interesting adults who can make snappy conversations with their Granny. “Mom and Dad say I should never listen to you, Grandma. So tell me more about going to jail and sharing a cell with a couple of prostitutes!”

    I also worry about outliving all of my children. I’ve met these very sad old women who lived into their 90s while their children all fell to disease or accident. I would rather be taken now than see that day happen.


    • Yes, I feel sorry for those you outlive their children. Only yesterday I read of a woman in our area who has just turned 108! Her children are all dead, but she does have grandchildren. Her brother turned 100 though! Obviously her children inherited their father’s genes! I see too many in my mother’s care facility who have no one who really cares. Sad. Luckily my sister is an angel and talks to everyone!


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