Fat Tuesday


Or as some call it, Pancake Tuesday.

I left too early to share breakfast with a family member, so we had pancakes for dinner. Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. I didn’t have an bananas, but if I had, it would have been added and it would have been my favourite version of breakfast.

I could very well eat pancakes every other night, very happily.

Not all religion is bad…

4 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday

  1. A local pancake restaurant is offering an All-You-Can-Eat pancake supper tonight. I may pass on that, but pancakes for dinner sounds good and will probably sound doubly good after a long work day. Good Shrove Tuesday to you!


  2. Late comment but Shrove Tuesday is a family day for us. The kids love the whole per laver of making pancakes and this year Jo (13) had a go and made a good job of it. We stick to lemon and sugar rather than jams and such which just hide the taste. I think we just do it for the tossing.


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