raining frogs and dogs


Unable to sleep in the early hours of the morning, I wandered out to the kitchen. I flicked on the family room light, only to spy something small and brown near the door leading onto the patio. My sleepy eyes were blurry, despite wearing my glasses, but I was fairly certain it was a small cane toad!

Interesting, as our entire house, windows and doors have insect screens. The screens are stainless steel security mesh and frames, so how the little creature got into the house I have no idea.

“There’s a toad in the house,” I called back up the hall to Mr FD, still in our bed.

“A toad?”

His disbelief was enough to bring on my self doubt. It wasn’t moving, but I wasn’t going to get any closer to investigate. “Well, it is either a  cane toad, or Augie Dog has pooped in the house!” Either way I figured it was Mr FD’s problem.

A naked Mr FD walked down the hall.  “It’s a frog!” A very dark green frog.

I didn’t really care what it was, it just needed to exit. I grabbed the long handled brush and dustpan and handed them to my beloved, well, Mr FD.

It was about then that Augie Dog emerged from our bedroom, where he sleeps by my side of the bed. Hunting toads is one of his favourite past times, even though they could make him ill. He is always being wrenched away from them when he goes out for his night time toilet breaks.

So, naked Mr FD and over excited, Augie duel for the frog. Mr FD won, by quick flicking of the dustpan brush into Augie Dog’s face, and the frog was despatched out through the screen door and back to its rightful place – outside.

A bit of a worry when there are cyclones approaching and even the frogs endeavour to to sit it out inside your house!


The cyclone crossed the Queensland coast midmorning, and while there was major destruction, so far there have been no reports of injury, or death. It is gradually weakening as it travels south, but continues dumping huge amounts of rain. It should reach Brisbane sometime tomorrow, probably as a tropical low, but the city is already experiencing minor flooding in some areas.

In our country nest we are soggy, very soggy. The wind increased this afternoon and the poor trees are swaying madly. The neighbours who wanted us to chop our trees down not so long ago, are probably sitting in fear in their home, but I don’t think they have anything to really fear. People can always be hit by a bus, as well.


I didn’t go to school, where the dramas continued. Today, there was a gas leak in one of the buildings, the science block I suspect, and so they had to move students into the library. I can only guess the mayhem that ensued, but these days, I refuse to stress myself out regarding situations that I can’t control. I am proud of our library, but if admin allows students to run amuck in my absence, well that is their issue, not mine. Not my zoo, not my monkeys.

It has been quite the week, hasn’t it? Happy to see it end.  Saturday will be more rain, but hopefully, no major flooding for anyone – and the frogs won’t need to look for dry ground!

13 thoughts on “raining frogs and dogs

    • It really does feel great and lessens my stress. I just wish my aide Minerva would stop getting so wound up about everything. Her stress often transfers to me and I have to work to calm her down about litre things and things we can’t change


  1. Please, wave your imperial hand and send that cyclone to California! We could use a good flood of rain right now!

    I am glad to hear that you stayed home and are safe, despite the frog plague. 🙂


    • Still raining, but easing over our Village. Brisbane City is getting the drenching now. Poor Yeppoon on the central coast had hundreds of homes damaged and destroyed. Rockhampton also got major damage – an area that floods also. The cyclone is a major rain depression now and heading into New South Wales. I feel sorry for all those families now without a home.


  2. I find that the further I get in my teaching career, the less guilty I feel if I have to be out. I would always worry about inconveniencing people (since I work with so many grades). When I was off for maternity leave, I realized that school world can go on without me. That knowledge makes it a lot easier when the sprout gets sick!


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