Carter, Jeff, 1928-2010. Orphaned joey wearing a winter overcoat made from an old sweater sleeve, Foxground, New South Wales, 1968


Everyone in the northern hemisphere seems to be heralding the arrival of spring, and considering the winter that you have experienced, I can understand.

We here in the southern hemisphere are however on a different seasonal calendar. We are waiting for autumn.

Here in  our patch of subtropical Queensland, we are yet to experience a day below 30C. It has been an extremely hot summer with day after day over 35C and nights that did not allow enough cooling to be comfortable. I am so over summer, so over sweating, and teenage boy body odour after lunch sport, and fruit flies, mosquitoes, snakes, hail storms and cyclones, mould in the bathroom and having to drive in boiling hot cars at the end of the day.

Send me days to wear woollens, and nights to light fires. I need meals  that are warm and comforting, and excuses to simmer thick soups. Socks and boots and fingerless gloves. Scarves!

Bring it on!

Autumn in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Autumn in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia


10 thoughts on “autumnus

  1. In the fall I am a little anxious for the best things about winter — fires, hearty foods, flannel shirts that hide bumps, etc. If only our winters were a little shorter and less severe, I would be fine. I hope your winter is perfect for you as I look forward to at least a little bit of sweating (but not the kid sport type)!


  2. Very cute .. Check out those feet 🙂
    California is having its perfect sunny weather for us humans.. Winter? However it’s quite another story for our environment .
    I guess only time will tell.


  3. My area had a very mild winter, so everyone is wondering what will happen once summer comes along. Personally, though, I’m wondering what next winter will look like after this year’s.


  4. You’ve just reminded me of all the things I dislike about summer, which is coming a little too quickly here in California. Yes, it’s only spring here, officially: but coming out of work in the afternoon and seeing the temperature at 81 degrees F. (27 C) is soul-shrivelling, especially if I’m wearing a lined jacket and dress pants which were once fresh and crisply pressed. And yes, we have mosquitoes already. Hungry tiny ones that can somehow get through a screen door.

    I hope the weather cools down quickly for you. I’d love it if I could find a place where the weather is fall-like all the time.


  5. So does it ever get so chilly there in subtropical Queensland so you can do all those cozy cold weather things or are you just dreaming out loud? I thought it was pretty warm year round…

    P.S. I had a difficult time at first being an empty nester, but I definitely did NOT miss the teenage boy body odor (US spelling….) 🙂


  6. I disagree 😛 General consensus in “Mexico” is that we haven’t really had a summer. Therefore I am saying NO to winter, woolen jumpers, socks, scarves, beanies, gloves, snow, and anything else winter-related you can think of. I want summer (Queensland-style), and I want it now!!


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