Coffee in the park

Enjoyed a coffee in the park with Petite Fille this morning.


Yes, the playground at neighbouring suburb [ cappuccino drinking, professional parents, 1.5 children type of ‘burn]  has a pretend coffee machine in its play area! I can’t really criticise as Petite Fille demanded the froth off her mother’s coffee at breakfast today!

I was gifted breakfast out, another late Mother’s Day celebration.

corn fritter, bacon, mushrooms, relish, poached eggs on sour dough. I drank tea!

corn fritter, bacon, mushrooms, relish, poached eggs on sour dough. I drank tea!

Then it was on to an afternoon concert – rocking it with the toddler set at a Play School concert.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Granny actually made it down to a sitting position on the floor without dislocating anything. Then, Petite Fille decided to sit on Grandma, so more muscles got strained and stretched to accommodate her. We took it to another level leaping and dancing with Teo and Rachel from Play School, with Petite Fille trusting Grandma to save her falling perhaps more than she should have! There were general celebrations all round when Granny could actually rise off the hard, timber floor after the 45 minute concert.

Sitting with Petite Fille on my lap, I looked over at her Mummy sitting on the floor beside me, and remembered that it only seemed a blink of an eye since I had her on my lap at a Play School concert (John and Bettina in those days!). Time passes so quickly, another timely remember to savour every moment.

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone…

Oh,  and I hope I can savour the moment of being able to walk tomorrow morning too!


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