Five down, five to go


Friday night, pizza and a second glass of wine.

Half way point of the school term. Five weeks down, five weeks to go.

So over teaching ICT that I could punch a computer monitor in the screen. Teaching the exact same subject three times a week, after teaching it twice a week last term is driving me stark raving mad. I am not getting better at it, I am getting worse as I hate teaching it.

And then, the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, gets up and pretends he invented the wheel of ICT by suggesting that all our kids be taught coding. Our kids are being taught coding. It has been in the curriculum ever since Julia Gillard changed the Australian Curriculum, a government Bill Shorten was a member of at that time.  He may be the one I punch out.

I am bored, the kids are bored, and we are all trapped in damn coding together. I think it is putting kids off IT rather that exciting them.

Teachers had professional development for three hours after school one evening. That made it an eleven and a half hour day for me. Tell me again how teachers only work 9-3… and you might be the one I punch out.


Luckily, the PD was interesting. Basically, pop psychology on how to be a positive work place and emotionally intelligent. The pop quiz showed that I am HIGHLY, nay, EXCEPTIONALLY, emotionally intelligent – like who would have ever thought otherwise? (Remember, I am looking for punching material).

The one person who really needed to be told to take a dose of positivity   pretended to be sick and left before the session started. The guy who keeps sitting beside me in all PD!  Not that it can be viewed as all bad, as at least he didn’t sit beside me nay saying everything.

Anyway, if you have to be there, make the best of it was my mantra and I quite enjoyed it. The presenter kept making us change groups, we could never sit next to the same person twice, so we were running around the place carrying chairs, but it was kind of fun. I must have gone too far with all the niceness though, because by the time I got home that night I was suffering from a massive migraine and needed to stay in bed the entire next day. Too much niceness.

Though I suspect the headache was already coming on prior to the PD as that morning I lost my coffee cup and searched all over the library for it, only to find it sitting behind the open screen of my laptop.

Then, I couldn’t find my RTC (detention) pad, and searched all over my office for it, and yes, found it on top of my diary that I was holding the entire time.

It was nice to know I provided Minerva with some entertainment.

5 thoughts on “Five down, five to go

  1. Techies, like literature scholars, believe that the merits of their subject will be obvious and delightful to anyone who encounters it. This is before they have met the average 14-year-old, however. There was a recent news story here in CA about young people in Silicon Valley who had dropped out of high school and were working as software developers and phone app designers: now it has all these policy wonks frothing over how we should be teaching coding and other tech skills to middle school students. What they don’t understand is that the teens featured in the story were self-taught geniuses who had shown no interest in school before they quit. The average student here on the Left Coast can barely bestir himself to finish his math homework, let alone a C+ or HTML coding assignment. They show no interest in school either, the only thing they have in common with the coding wunderkinds.

    I’ve also met many adults who thought they could switch into a career in software design, only to realize they were bored senseless by writing code. It’s like so many trendy curriculum ideas that I’ve seen go through and disappear without leaving any impact on the students, except perhaps to set them back three years in academic skills.


  2. one of my best computer classes was largely demo but the instructor was great at using silly examples. and he’d let us call out certain option… such as text, font, colors… so we once got a demo in some HUGE font with magenta letters and lime green background. it was visually horrid but really grabbed your attention!

    love the lost items stories. today was a rare day where everyone else lost things, or didn’t know how to do things, and I had ALL the answers!!

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