it is just a step to the left… or was that right?


I prefer to think it is exhaustion and stress, and not the ageing process or something nastier. Yes, I lost my coffee cup only to find it behind the open screen of my laptop and yes, I lost by detention pad only to find I was holding it.

I thought I had hit the trifecta when I arrived at work, picked up my mobile from the passenger seat and realised that it wasn’t mine. I had picked up Mr FD’s.

That’s ok, I thought. I have a mobile, and he will have mine for the day. No problem. Except another look at the passenger seat and I spy my mobile as well. Oh dear.

I went into my office and sent Mr FD an email telling him not to panic I had his mobile. Next stop was the staff room where I regaled colleagues with my unconscious slight of hand trick that had seen me leave the house with two mobile phones.

Minerva, my erstwhile library assistant, just shook her head. She shakes her head a lot in reference to me. She has made me promise that if I ever leave for another school that I take her with me. I think I make feel better about her own life.

I was a little worried though that I could have lifted an extra mobile without actually being conscious of it, and was wondering if I should book myself into somewhere quiet and sunny for a bit, when I returned to my office and found an email reply from Mr FD.

You don’t have my mobile, you have Son’s. He left it in your car last night when he borrowed your car.

So, I haven’t lost my mind, yet, though it did seem a nice place to be for a moment or two.

11 thoughts on “it is just a step to the left… or was that right?

  1. Ben just walked in the house with my keys–he took them to work with him. Not long ago, they were in his inside coat pocket for a few days–met looking frantically. But I never do anything like that. Never.

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  2. tonight i had a slight flash of panic at the microbrewery as i realized i didn’t have my credit card and wouldn’t be able to pay for my beer. then i remembered i didn’t have my card because they take them to open a tab. DOH!!


  3. Around the end of term, I keep an eye on the front door because every time Tom will manage to leave his keys in the lock at least twice.
    It used to be I’d tell him, but now I just put them with his wallet and offer tea.


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