it’s the lies that always change things forever


I understand incompetence, and I accept decisions that I may not agree with, but the one thing I find very difficult to tolerate is when management lies to me, especially when I sit opposite them at the table.

Today, management lost my respect and my trust. I sat across the table and he, on behalf of they, told me one lie after another. Lies that I was easily able to disapprove. Then, he, on behalf of they, thought waving  possible promotion some time in the future, dependent on someone leaving if it was to be any sooner, would soothe it all away. Did he, on behalf of they, expect to still have my respect when I left the room?

We all make mistakes, and we all fail at times, but to lie is a choice, and I find that very difficult to accept, or to forgive. Respect zero.

I guess it makes the job easier in the long term – care factor in that area now zero.


8 thoughts on “it’s the lies that always change things forever

  1. I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately there are people like that in the work place. I dealt with it by believing that eventually fate would deal them a similar hand 😦


  2. I hit the “like” button here, but really there’s nothing to like about being lied to. For one thing, the lying party assumes you are too stupid to see that he is lying, so it becomes an insult to your intelligence. Then you realize that you are working for a slimeball, one who is so morally low you can barely stand to sit at the same table with him. It’s to your credit you didn’t slap him or tell him your opinion of him: but still, the insult is infuriating.


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